Knowledge is Power. You can find out more about about feminism and gender equality in so many ways - see below for Of Our Own's recommendations:


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Of Our Own probably wouldn't exist if I hadn't been given ‘The Little Book of Feminism’ by Harriet Dyer for Christmas. At age 14 it really got me thinking about gender equality and I think it’s as a perfect starting point for young people keen to learn more about feminism. Below you will find other suggestions for finding out more through books, websites and social media accounts. The aim is to create a really comprehensive reading list that’s suitable for teens, so please send in your book reviews and recommendations.


Of Our Own will keep you posted on events taking place that focus on feminism and gender equality. Please feel free to send information on relevant events in your area and we can feature them here.


The original Of Our Own Facebook page was a celebration of inspiring women throughout history, many of whom have been written out of history or stopped from reaching their full potential purely because they were female. This part of the site is for sharing inspiring stories about great women and reminding everyone of their significant successes. Please get in touch with your suggestions on whom we should include here and why, or with your own posts on the women that you find inspiring.